Well this club run was not a particularly notable one for what happened, but was very significant for who was not there. Let me set a little background to this story.

The previous night had seen a delightful event. We had benefited from the hospitality afforded to us (only just afforded in some cases) by the Tai pan Thai restaurant. The occasion was the BCC awards dinner. Many awards were given, and several speeches were made. The food was good, the conversation almost intelligent. Except for in one small corner. The restaurant had kindly provided a children’s table, at which sat the “kids” with Bobby and Alistair to look after them. Unfortunately things got a little carried away. The boys had a bit too much pop and ended up a bit hyperactive. It was when that the event finished that they thought they could carry on. Unfortunately Baywatch was a little worse off than the others and consistently led to the whole group being turned away from every club they attempted to enter. Judging by the type of place they were trying to enter, that is not altogether a bad thing. I must confess that I was with this bunch of reprobates for a an hour at least. But then it was getting a bit tiresome so myself and Sarah left the lads to it. This was some time after 12. We left them wandering off to try and find another venue.

Next morning at the meet. Where are they?No sign of any of the lads or Baywatch. Beans ( the poor misguided boy) had managed to ring China and tell him that he would not be making it. He was a bit unwell apparently. The numbers were somewhat reduced due to their non appearance. I am now writing this two weeks after this happened so I cannot tell you everyone who was there due to the fact I have forgotten. Those that I can remember were

DAS, Nick Selibas, Nick Hands, China, Bobby, Chris Duffield, Goldy, Wilksey, Mick Wright and that’s it, I cannot remember anymore. Ooops there is one more, Pic was out, but I am not talking to him at the moment. Not only had he insulted me at the meal by asking “do we have a website?” but he then proceded to compound it by acting surprised that I was under 30 when it was noted that the general age on the ride was rather older. Git

The ride was a familiar one down to Wellsbourne. The way down was a quiet ride really except for Chris setting a ridiculous pace up a hill and it all falling apart for a bit, but then he does have a tendency to do that every now and again. At the cafe Dave gave us the first look of the new kit he had just got for the club. It all looks top-notch and was keeping him warm on what was a chilly morning.

On the way back, Nick H was suffering and felt the pace. I was very pleased as I had not done a serious ride since my twisting days and as someone else had blown first it gave me some breathing room. China managed to blow himself up trying to help Nick and departed to Redditch with Dave.The real test came at Ullenhall where I went backwards rather quickly and took the hill at my own pace. It seemed a good idea as Nick S and Mick W both blew out of the group and dropped back at the top. We formed up and Mick went back to help Nick H up to us. I was mightily pleased at how I was going at this point. We then worked some through and off along the A435 back to Becketts with Nick H sitting in. Then I went. From one minute part of the ride, to straight out the back. Big style blow. Well at least it was only a mile from the car. I can cope with that especially after the night before. Lets see how next week goes.