Well this just shows how stupid we are. When I started up my car it said -4ยบ C. Very cold indeed. By the time I had got to Becketts it was up to -2, brilliant. Why oh why was I doing it? Well I am not really sure so don’t ask me again. Surprisingly when I got to Becketts there were some other idiots sorry I mean people there. Full starters as follows

DAS (of course) Todger, China, Rich D, Rob, Chris Duffield, Bobby, Wilksey, Richard Bradley, Hannibal, Mick from the Warwicks and me. Alistair was there, but only to deliver some kit. Nick H was there, but then blew a tyre out and retreated home.

Due to the conditions a plan was made to keep the route off back roads and hopefully avoid the ice. I have some very good winter kit, so I was warm, but others appeared to be feeling it more than me. Numbness in the hands and below the knee was common. Unfortunately even the main roads were not completely ice free and much care was required. We gingerly made our way down Evesham way where we stopped at the Garden centre on the dual carriageway. Unfortunately (again) the rather long drive was completely covered in sheet ice. So it was off the bikes and walk.

The cafe was not one I had been to before and was very pleasant. Another one I would recommend. On our exit Todger had the idea of going “over the fence” and walking down the bank directly to the dual carriageway. A good idea which saved us a lot of time and after a short ski down the slope it was ready to carry on. A good leadership decision was made to head straight back up the dual carriageway. Another cracking idea.

The ride back was an awful lot safer, and because of the now assured short ride, the pace picked up. On one rise along the dual carriageway we were doing a respectable 36kph according to my computer. A bit too quick for the time of year and some suffered for it. This route back also meant a trip up Gorcott. There was almost an air of expectancy as we approached. This is where I usually start talking about what I did because I am on my own from here on, but not this time. Well not until the top anyway. A decent pace was set, but it was not too fast (25kph for spotters) and I was able to stay in there. I did better than some as DAS and China were no longer there at the top.Then just over the top everyone stuck it in the big ring and out the back I went. Unluckily for me they only accelerated for a couple of hundred metres and then slowed again. If I had stayed with it then I would have been OK. As it was I just watched everyone initially 50m ahead but slowly going away as I struggled on my own.

Still it was a good day. No-one got hurt and I did not blow. Despite the conditions, I liked that ride. Yours, quite self satisfied at the moment, Meg