The 10 Greatest Road Cyclists of All Time

Racing is one of the most popular and widespread sports, which tells us just how much people love it. Whether it is cycling or horse racing, people love to watch it, talk about it, and even gamble on it for an added dose of fun. That’s why sites such as that offer great information about horse racing and betting, as well as some bonus codes are so widely popular. When it comes to cycling, some road cyclists will forever hold the title of the greatest ones, due to their skillfulness and unbelievable performance. 

Alberto Contador

At one point, all three Grand Tours belonged to Alberto Contador and he is one of six cyclists to have accomplished this in their careers. Fans will always remember the ease and gracefulness with which he climbed even the most intricate European hights.

Sean Kelly

Although he did not have much success in the Grand Tours, Kelly was an icon in the Classics, with as much as ten wins attached to his name, as well as the victory of the cyclists’ first World Cup. 

Gino Bartali

Despite the countless troubles of his time and the consequences that World War ll had on the people, Gino Bartali managed to achieve success both in the Classics and in the Grand Tours, as well as in many additional races. 

Lance Armstrong

Seven Tour de France victories are enough to put Lance Armstrong on this list and claim that he is one of the greatest cyclists of all time, despite all the scandals that come with his name nowadays. 

Alfredo Binda

This Italian competed in the late 1920s and the sole fact that he was able to break through after he chooses not to take political sides in Italy of that time makes him worthy of this list. 

Miguel Indurain

Five-time winner of the Tour de France, Miguel Indurain made a name for himself when he started leading races before he was even 20 years old. However, what he’s probably most known for is the Olympic Time Trial Gold Medal. 

Jacque Anquetil

Jacque was the first man to ever achieve five victories at the Tour de France, but that is far from the only thing he is praised for. He also won Paris-Nice several times and numerous additional races. 

Fausto Coppi

Out of the three times that he competed in the Tour de France, Fausto Coppi won it twice. If it hadn’t been for the war, it is believed that this cyclist would be everyone’s number one. 

Bernard Hinault

The nickname he was given perfectly described this man – the Badger. He was absolutely unstoppable on the bicycle and with that kind of fire, it is not surprising that he is still considered one of the best. 

Eddy Merckx

Another cyclist with a nickname that suits his career description well. The Cannibal completely devoured everything that was on his way to the top and he has numerous victories to prove it, including five Tour de France, five Giro, and two Vuleta victories. It is safe to say that Eddy could be fairly named the best road cyclist in history.

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