Welcome to our home page! Here, we’ll let you know a little about us. But, hop on over to the contacts page if you’d like to speak to one of us!

Why did this cycling club begin? The simple answer is, we were a small group of friends who loved to cycle and wanted to meet new people along the way. That’s our story! We all live in Birmingham – born and raised – and spend a lot of our week working, so when it comes to the weekend, we have a lot of time for our hobby – cycling.

This club is devoted to racing and improving on our speeds, however, we want to encourage everyone to join. We’d love to get to know newbies, no matter their ability.

However, if you feel that cycling is not for you, then why not check out the local sports village by your home. Are you an avid swimming, cyclist, dance, runner or rower? We love to team up with sporty people in the area. You can get in touch with us over on our contact page or simply join the club. The price is just £10 for newbies! What’s stopping you?

We currently have a magazine and a website dedicated to our favourite sport. We founded this club not long ago and we currently only have around 20 members involved – so we always want to grow. If you are a distance cycler, a sprint cyclist or have just bought a bike, then please get in touch. If you’re just visiting Birmingham, but have time to train with us on a Sunday evening, we’d also like to hear from you too.