Macclesfield Wheelers Lots of info, lots of links and an on-line Chris Boardman chat room for those wet winter evenings.
Verulam CC St Albans has been around since Roman times. Moira Hunter has been keeping this Hertfordshire club site in fine shape and has not been around since Roman times (allegedly). They all seem like nice people.
Team Spirit From the depths of darkest Derbyshire comes the light. These Team Spirit people certainly put a lot in to their sport and web site.
Royal Sutton CC We seem to have a close association with this club, with many members being good friends of the club. They ride our events and even help out. We even let a couple come to Majorca with us.
Beacon Roads Cycling Club Those lovely people at the Beacon, many of whom are joining us next year in Majorca. Their new site. Go visit the home of David Duffield.
Halesowen A&CC

Interesting site about another local club, lots of club info.

Stone Wheelers

Stone Wheelers

Staffordshire club with a new website that is quite good for those on the North side of Birmingham

Solihull Cycling Club

Flashy site with some good info on it. T. Godwin is President? Lots of graphics and moving images.

Other Organisations

The Washing Machine Post “The outer limits of cycling”
A fortnightly, interesting perspective on cycling with some good links and a strange obsession with Graham Obree.
British Cycling Their new site with lots of stuff. Some out a bit out of date.
Phil’s cycling hols Philip Smith’s cycling holidays in south east France. Oh so tempting.
Pete and Ed Books Over 600 book titles plus stacks of videos.
It’s American, but they are quite happy to trade with us rustics on this side of the pond.
They won’t kill you for shipping costs.
Coppi frames and bicycles Fausto Coppi specials. Drool, drool..
Marketed in America and built in Italy.
Sean Kelly Site Site in honour of the great man. Also has a bike shop online.
RTTC The Road and Time trials council. Has entry forms and race info.
WebCycle Online Store – the best Cycle store I have found. Campag stockists. Have now annoyed me, do not answer their emails and are not completely reliable.