Cycling is one of the most difficult sports in the world, which makes it very attractive. In recent years, it has become more and more popular, and many people even gamble on it. Therefore, a lot of bookmakers offer tempting VIP codes, such as the one provided by this review of the Pinnacle Sports online.

If you choose to place a bet on cycling, it’s good to know who the best cyclists in the world are — they will have the highest chances of winning. Of course, sometimes an underdog will break away from the peloton and win a race, but in the majority of cases, big wins are reserved for the hot shots.

Here is our list of four best cyclists in the world in 2019.

Peter Sagan

Peter Sagan is, according to many, the best cyclist ever to compete in the sport. He was born in 1990, which makes him only 29 years old — that is not much in this sport. He still has lots of years left to compete professionally. Sagan switched to road cycling in 2008, and before that he raced mountain bikes and cyclo-cross bikes.

At the moment, he is racing for the team Bora-Hansgrohe and is one of the contenders for the three Grand Tours in 2019. His former achievements and victories include three World Championships, two Paris-Nice stages, a European Championship, seven Tirreno-Adriatico stages, and many more.

Apart from that, he is well-liked by fans because of his jolly personality and a relaxed attitude.

Chris Froome

A lot can be said about Christopher Clive Froome by mentioning the fact that he has received the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his great contributions to sports. As you can guess, he is a British professional road cyclist who rides for Team Sky at the moment. Chris Froome is considered to be the best of the best because he is one of the rare riders who managed to win all three Grand Tour races.

But he did not win them just once. Froome won Tour de France four times, and Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana one time each. He also won medals in the Olympics and World Championships. His 2018 season was good, but it wasn’t spectacular. Therefore, a lot is expected from him in 2019 — he will try to regain his former glory.

Geraint Thomas

Geraint Thomas is another British cyclist who has received an OBE thanks to his extraordinary sports achievements. He is a Welsh cyclist who currently rides for Team Sky, just like Chris Froome. He is unique because he competes both on the road and on track, which gives him a powerful set of skills.

During his professional career, he won two Olympic gold medals, three World Championships, and one Tour de France.

Tom Dumoulin

Tom Dumoulin is a Dutch professional road cyclist. At the moment he rides for Team Sunweb and is one of the cyclists expected to have enough leg power to win one of the Grand Tours in 2019. He is best known for his climbing and time-trialling abilities, which has brought him a win at Giro d’Italia in 2017. He won the second place in 2016 Tour de France, ranking just behind Chris Froome.

If you like the idea of cycling, but you have never had a chance to learn how to do it, we completely understand how you feel. When it’s raining or snowing outside and you can’t leave your house, you can play cycling-related games on the best new slots sites instead. However, when spring comes around, there are no excuses.

Cycling is one of the best activities that we recommend for spending more time outside and in nature. However, what if you’re an adult and you still do not know how to ride a bike? Is it too late to learn how to do it now? No way! Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be turning pedals on your own in no time!

Organize Several Short Sessions

Even though some people are naturally talented without even knowing it and can learn how to ride a bike in one session, most people will need several of them. These sessions should be 30 to 60 minutes long, which is more than enough to get a feel for the balance and learn the basics. It’s a good idea to end the session after you have made some progress and before you have got too tired. Give your brain enough time to process new information and continue the next day.

Practice on Flats

When learning how to ride a bike as an adult, make sure to stay on flat terrain. Cycling on a road that goes up will make the learning process much more difficult. Likewise, learning how to cycle on a downhill will make it much more dangerous. The faster you go on a bicycle, the better your balance will be. However, if you develop high speeds on a downhill as an inexperienced cyclist, you might end up crashing.

Learn How to Turn

Cycling is not just about riding in a straight line. Once you learn how to balance on a bicycle and you’re able to turn the pedals on your own, make sure to practice making turns. At first, turning your handlebar will feel wobbly and sketchy, but the more you practice, the more confident you will get. Try to alternate between high-speed and low-speed turns to be prepared for all real-life situations.

Wear Safety Gear

Unfortunately, there’s a high chance that you will fall the first time you try riding a bike as an adult. Therefore, it’s important to wear proper safety gear. Make sure to wear a helmet that will protect your head, as well as cycling gloves that will protect the palms of your hands. Elbow and knee guards are optional, but they can surely help.

Betting requires research if you want to earn money, or in the least, not lose any. Betting can be a great occasional activity if you follow simple rules like not spending more than your bankroll and doing research on the sport and teams you like.

Sometimes, there are just far too many things which you cannot know at once. That is where betting resources come in handy. Some sites have exactly what you need to place your next bet, without having to do any of your own extensive research. Here are the sites which you should visit to find useful betting tips.

Pinnacle is an online betting casino and sportsbook, which also offers free betting advice. People might frown upon listening to advice from the same entity which they are paying money, but their advice is sound and it checks out. From betting tips on football to betting tips on who will end up on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones, you can find anything on Pinnacle. They also have frequent promotions, like this Pinnacle VIP code 2019 which you can make use of if you plan on betting as well as gathering information.

Online Betting Academy

If you like football and you want to bet on it, this site is the right one for you. They have a ton of football-specific information which can be rather useful. Not only that, but their advice can easily be transferred to other sports, at least the kind which does not deal with football-specific things.


Reddit is one of those sites where you can find almost anything. There certainly are many subreddits which have plenty of resources on sports betting, a simple example being r/sportsbook. There are other subreddits, each dedicated to a specific sport so that you can find whatever you need, regardless of the sport you are after. There are plenty of esports betting advice on reddit, as well as anything regarding betting in general.

OLBG – Online Betting Guide

This site has resources for all kinds of sports. They are actually a community which you can also join and engage in. The forums have many great tipsters who can provide you with information on many sports, or even specific details about a single sport. Advanced tips are also available, depending on the sport though. Sports like football are better represented than sports like swimming, for example.

Betting Expert is another site which you can rely on in your time of need. Football is, of course, the most popular sport, but you can also find advice on basketball, snooker, ice hockey, tennis and many more. You can also become a tipster and help others find their own footing in the world of sports betting.

These are some of the best sites which offer free advice and tips on sports betting. You can find anything from statistics to betting tactics and ways you can improve your own research and approach to betting.

Europe is famous for its love of cycling. The Netherlands, alone, have more bicycles than you would find in two countries. The grand tours take place in Europe, namely the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana, and are all very attractive sports events.

But, there are plenty of places in Europe where you can cycle and enjoy a great ride, sometimes difficult, sometimes relaxing.

Here are the top cycling routes in Europe.

Via Francigena – The Pilgrim’s Journey

This is a very popular route which many people take annually. It is about 1800 kilometers long, from Canterbury in England to Rome. This journey is popular as it was once done on foot by Archbishop Sigeric, in 990AD. He went to Rome to pick up his pallium from the Pope. On his way back, he recorded everything, where he stopped and what he did. This soon became popular, especially today when one can traverse that same route in 20 days or less, depending on their fitness level. There are various places where you can stop and rest, a pilgrim’s stop, if you will. They are quite frequent in Italy.

Danube Cycle Path

The river Danube is long, and you can follow it in its entirety on a bicycle. From Germany, going through ten countries all the way to the Black Sea, you can cycle and enjoy a very nice and scenic route. The route is mostly flat, so those who often shy away from climbs should find this longer one just right.

The Baltic Sea Circle

This route is known as the EuroVelo 10 and goes through 9 different countries. The name of the route should tell you that you will be going around the Baltic Sea. You will see parts of Germany, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Finland, Russia and Sweden. The route is 8000 kilometers long and an absolute treat for any cyclist.

The Iron Curtain Trail

The EuroVelo 13 is a route which takes you through 20 countries. The length is a bit over 10000 kilometers and has 3 seas you can see, plenty of mountains and a lot of history. With over 20 countries and 10000 kilometers, you should have a lot of things to see and enjoy.

These routes are some of the best ones in Europe that you can travel by bicycle. Take note that there are plenty more EuroVelo routes you can tackle if you find these lacking.

Cycling as a sport has been around for a while. Dating back to the 19th century, bicycles were first introduced as a mode of transportation. Not long after, in 1868, to be specific, the first cycling race was held in Saint-Cloud, Paris.

Given how things which are both useful, fun and present a great way of working out tend to catch on, so did bicycles and even more notably, betting on cycling. Whether you bet at your local booker’s place or online, you should know a couple of things before you check out.

Firstly, there are some notable things that cycling does a bit differently than other sports so you should get to know it briefly and secondly, free coupons are always nice. Visit Casino Cozino to get a free coupon worth 50 pounds.

Cycling and its Specifics

As you are probably familiar with football, the way players are organized and the way each position has its name, so you should be familiar with cycling and its own terminology. Whether a race is in question or something related to the betting itself, it’s useful to know the slang before you place your first bet.

Types of Races

Take note, cycling is different from mountain biking and its various sub-types. Mountain biking is often considered an extreme sport and is in a world of its own.

Cycling is divided into two distinct groups, namely track cycling and road cycling.

Those who tune in during the many races and see a bunch of cyclists going down a road followed by cars and bikes will know that those races are road cycling.

Road Cycling

Road cycling goes over long distances, up to 4000 kilometers or even more. They take place over several days and include entire teams, not just single riders. They move over paved roads, cobblestones, mountains and various other types of roads. Cyclists specialize in different areas so a diverse team can be formed.

When it comes to road cycling betting, there are 3 grand tours which get the most attention, media-wise and punter-wise, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana, taking places in Italy, France and Spain, respectively.

They have similar classifications you can also bet on such as the Young rider, King of the Mountain, Points, Team and General. They each correspond to a certain number of points and depend on whether it was a team effort or an individual one.

You can bet on single racers reaching a certain score, being first in a certain category or all categories. You should be aware or each cyclist’s strengths and weaknesses as well as that of their team in order to place a calculated bet.

Track Cycling

Track cycling involves people racing on tracks with aerodynamic bikes and helmets, usually on a sloped track. There are many types of track races ranging anywhere from 250 meters for the Sprint races to over 25 kilometers for the Points races. In between you have Scratch, Time trial, Pursuit, Omnium, Keirin and Madison races.

Getting to know the individuals here is the most important thing as they will be the ones winning you money. Notable championships in track cycling are the Olympic games and the Track Cycling World Cup and Championships, the last two being different events.

Betting on cycling is simple once you know the ins and outs of it and these tips should help you on that path.

A person’s cycle is more than just a means of transportation, it is a call to adventure, and to human-powered speed. It is a sense of freedom, whether it is on a bike lane, on the street, off road or on a mountain. Unfortunately, due to the weather, muscle fatigue, or daily obligations, it isn’t always possible to get out there and ride. What can a person do? In theory, we could catch up on our reading, play casino games at Party casino, waste time on social media, or enjoy an online game. Speaking of games, there are a few that you might enjoy on the next rainy day. All online, no downloads or installations required.

Stickman games

While this isn’t just one game, it is suited for those who like simple, stickman-like characters. You can choose to go Downhill, and there is also the Freestyle version, depending on whether you enjoy mountain biking, or stunts, respectively. The reason stickman games are popular is that they are easily manageable. The mechanics are similar to some mobile games you might have come across before. The point of the game is to finish a track, upgrade yourself and/or the bike, earn achievements, and continue on your merry way, tackling even more challenging tracks and levels. Is it simple? Yes. However, it is also engaging and addictive.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is not known for its races or stunts, except in rare instances. To be perfectly honest, it’s not about bikes at all. It is about gore and comedy using ordinary ragdoll mechanics. There are only two bikes to choose from, the rest are various, and we use the term loosely, vehicles. These vehicles include Santa’s sleigh, a lawnmower and a jet powered wheelchair, to name a few. What separates this game from the others, though, is the fact that it is very entertaining, and most of the tracks and maps are designed by the community. You can be as creative as you want. If you enjoy ragdoll mechanics, gore, and humor, this is the game for you.


Now, this is a gem, to be sure. The game has a simple premise, ride a bicycle and collect bubbles. Go right to complete a level. Pretty straightforward, nothing we haven’t seen before, right? Wrong! The game’s protagonist is a naked guy riding a comically tiny bike in a frozen tundra. Another difference from your run-of-the-mill cycling games – the camera doesn’t follow the rider. Rather, every level is divided into scenes, and it is your job to get him safely from point A to point B, all the while collecting bubbles.

The controls are counter-intuitive, if you are used to simple cycling games. The right arrow is the acceleration, the left is the break (there is no leaning forwards or backwards, nor is there going in reverse), up is used to jump, which is neat if you want to avoid frozen spikes on the floor, or pits, and down is to crouch, which is also neat, for the previously introduced spikes are on the ceiling as well. Of you stumble upon an obstacle, the bike will launch the rider into the snow, where he will become a naked, human icicle. Don’t worry though, the game allows you to try the same level over and over again till you get it right.

Only a day before, Simon Yates seemed unstoppable. However, those betting on him to finish first on stage 18 of Giro d’Italia ended up gravely disappointed. With three stages yet to come, it is a good moment to start looking for a reliable online casino to bet on the final winner: Promo from Dublinbet is a good place to start. When choosing who to bet on consider this: Yates is still first overall, but Tom Dumoulin has just gotten a bit closer to overthrowing him. He is now only 28 seconds behind the maglia rosa. The winner of the day was German Max Schachmann.

The most dramatic moment of the race was the final 2km of the 15km climb when Britain’s Chris Froome made the first attack followed closely by Italy’s Domenico Pozzovivo and Dumoulin, stretching the gap between them and Yates more and more.

“It is his first weak moment in this race, and that is nice,” Dumoulin said to the reporters swarming him after the race. “I thought I would just try to accelerate. Then I had to sit down, and Froome came past me. But I felt that I had enough in the tank to follow him and Pozzovivo.”

“Today I was better, and that is nice, but I am also well aware that this stage suited me very well,” said the Dutch. “It was super slow and flat all day, and then there was a maximum effort on the climb to the finish.“

However, Yates doesn’t seem to lose his composure due to the result.

“I feel really good. I was only bad for one kilometre, so that’s OK. I’m still in the lead, I’m still in front. Dumoulin is 28 seconds behind, not 28 seconds ahead of me. For me that’s OK.”

“Today is very different to the next few days,” Yates said. “Today was one big effort in the final. Tomorrow there are many passes and longer climbs that suit me much more. This does not hurt my confidence. I’m much more confident about tomorrow and the next day than I was about today.”


Stage 18 results

(source: BBC)

  1. Maximilian Schachmann (Ger/Quick-Step Floors) 4hrs 55min 42sec.
  2. Ruben Plaza (Spa/Israel Cycling Academy) +10secs
  3. Mattia Cattaneo (Ita/Androni-Sidermec-Bottecchia) +16secs
  4. Christoph Pfingsten (Ger/Bora-Hansgrohe) +1min 10secs
  5. Marco Marcato (Ita/UAE Team Emirates) +1min 26secs
  6. Michael Morkov (Den/Quick-Step Floors) +1min 36secs
  7. Viacheslav Kuznetsov (Rus/Katusha Alpecin) +1min 52secs
  8. Jos van Emden (Ned/LottoNL-Jumbo) +3mins 22secs
  9. Alex Turrin (Ita/Wilier Triestina-Selle Italia) +3mins 29secs
  10. Davide Ballerini (Ita/Androni-Sidermec-Bottecchia) +5mins 09secs

Selected others:

  1. Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita/Bahrain-Merida) +11mins 03secs
  2. Tom Dumoulin (Ned/Team Sunweb) same time
  3. Chris Froome (GB/Team Sky) same time
  4. Simon Yates (GB/Mitchelton-Scott) +11mins 31secs
  5. Thibaut Pinot (Fra/Groupama-FDJ) +11mins 36secs

Overall standings:

  1. Simon Yates (GB/Mitchelton-Scott) 75hrs 06mins 24secs
  2. Tom Dumoulin (Ned/Team Sunweb) +28secs
  3. Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita/Bahrain-Merida) +2mins 43secs
  4. Christopher Froome (GB/Team Sky) +3mins 22secs
  5. Thibaut Pinot (Fra/Groupama-FDJ) +4mins 24secs
  6. Miguel Angel Lopez (Col/Astana Pro Team) +4mins 54secs
  7. Rohan Dennis (Aus/BMC Racing Team) +5mins 09secs
  8. Pello Bilbao (Spa/Astana Pro Team) +5mins 54secs
  9. Richard Carapaz (Ecu/Movistar Team) +5mins 59secs
  10. Patrick Konrad (Aut/Bora-Hansgrohe) +7mins 05secs

It’s always fun to ride a bicycle and even watch others competing with bicycles to get to the finish line first.

If you’ve ever seen a bicycle contest, you’ll know that when you see the competitors, they will be drenched in sweat with a look of determination on their faces. You’ll see them striving to get to the finish line very fast, making sure they get there before everyone else.

That’s the type of passion you need to have to get what you want. It’s exhilarating just watching, let alone actually performing in the competition.

That type of passion would be very useful using 10bet bonus code 2018 and seeing how far it can take you in your winning. It’s almost like a cycling tournament, the same exhilaration and excitement you see when you’re watching the competition.

However, it doesn’t always have to be a competition. You can also have just as much fun riding your bicycle to enjoy the peace and quiet and especially alongside your family. There are all sorts of cycling events to look forward to.

Eroica Britannia Festival

This festival will have all of your entertainment needs under check. You will have your whole day booked up with all sorts of great things to do, including the cycling which we are all looking forward to doing.

Who doesn’t love gliding through the air on a bike and watching the world flow around you? The breath of fresh air and the idea of travelling much faster that requires less action is a very nice idea of relaxation.

Join the festivities in Newhaven located in the United Kingdom. It’s during the 15th through 17th of June this year. There will be all sorts of food and drink so you can have your energy to cycle throughout the day and tons of shopping to keep you happy.

There will be the accompaniment of music too for you to feel at peace and enjoy your stay on these glorious days.

It is said that the riding routes will also be improved to be better for you and all the rest who decide to attend this year, so you can be sure that your experience will be better than ever before.

Just don’t forget to buy your ticket now as they are selling very fast like hot cakes. You don’t want to miss out.

Nightrider Charity Bike Ride

During this event, you can either be in Glasgow, London or Liverpool.

For Glasgow, it’s in May and then during June it’s in London. The pattern keeps going with July for Liverpool.

It’s a great way to spend time with your loved ones while having a great night to remember.

For this event, you do not have to be rushed or timed, you can do whatever you want at whatever pace you want. It is a relaxed and fun event.

You can pick the routes you want to take whether it be fifty or even one hundred kilometers long.

It’s a night to let your worries go and enjoy your time when you can see the city lit up with all sorts of life. Look at the world in a different view and watch it move slowly as if it’s on a moving screen saver.

If you can’t make it up north, then here is your last choice of the season and it’s in the south. So, what’re you waiting for? Don your cycling outfit, pull out your bike, pump your tyres and get on the road.

The Wiggle Kent Classic Sportive is a cycling event which we know you’ll enjoy. There won’t be too many members of the Birmingham Cycling Club here, but you should certainly be there if you can make it and send us your pictures when possible too!

You have just 21 days to sign up for this event – so get your credit card out and head over to the UK Cycling Events page – yet again. We’re regular members to this website.

So, onto the details: the event will take place on Saturday 11th November 2017. Wondering where it’ll be happening? The exact address is Lingfield Racecourse, Lingfield Park, Racecourse Road, Lingfield, RH7 6PQ. We expect to see you there! We’ll be there early with our lycra and helmets, of course. The event opens at 7:20am – are you a morning bird? You better get training if not. The discipline for this event is road, so make sure it’s right for you and then pick your option below.

There are two choices: Epic and Standard. However, if you can’t manage those two, then why not try out the Short or Under 16s? (Of course, depending on your age, we all wish we could be 16 again!)

The Epic option includes 79 miles and 5462 ft. It will cost you just £35 on the Cycling UK Events page. However, if you buy on the day then you can expect to spend £5 more as usual. Choose this option if you’ve been training hard for the season as the conditions may be less than desirable and it’s never a wise choice to up your game in the winter months.

Otherwise, choose the Standard option – which many of the Birmingham Cycling Club will be choosing. For this, you’ll need to pay the same price at £35. However, 50 miles and 3661 ft may be easier for you! Take this into consideration.

Finally, choose the Short option if you’re wanting to join in but stress less about the distance. You’ll find that this is 28 miles and 1919 ft. However, the price is also a lot shorter than the full distance options too at just £26. But, on the day, you can expect to pay £31 – we often choose this option if we’re unsure whether we’ll make it. However, if you can be sure then why risk not being able to get on the course on that day?

The under 16s is exactly what it says on the tin. However, this will cost you nothing! So, why not encourage your kids to be healthy and enjoy cycling as much as you do? All you need is to invest in a bike and your child could have a healthy hobby or passion for life. What’s stopping you?

At the event, you’ll find mechanics, medical teams and photographers. Your money also pays for parking, food and drinks – this includes on-site catering. After the event, you’ll receive a certificate and rider liability insurance as well as a bike wash after the event has taken place! What’re you waiting for! Book your ticket and we look forward to seeing you in Kent in the cold winter months.

If you don’t want to spend your week sitting on your bum while playing the Leprechaun Goes to Hell Slot game, then why not start training and book your online tickets for the Wiggle Devils Punch Sportive. Both have rather ridiculous names, so what’s stopping you?

This event with take place at the beginning of next month, so get a wriggle on and start your training as soon as possible. In fact, the actual date is: Saturday 4th November 2017.

What’s so special about the Wiggle Devils Punch Sportive? Well, you’ll be able to choose from a range of different courses. The longest option is 78 miles and 4744 ft. However, this will cost you just £30 to choose from – that is if you buy it from the UK Cycling Events website which we certainly recommend that you do!

The next option, after the Epic choice, is the Standard option. Many of those from the Birmingham Cycling Club will be going for this option as it is more accessible for those who aren’t able to cycle everywhere or train every day! This option is the same price, however, the course is slightly different and is 54 miles and 3287 ft. The price of just £30 is certainly a great offer, however, so make sure you snap it up on the Cycling Events site!

For those who are worried that the Standard option is too long, go for the short option instead. For this, you’ll be riding 28 miles and 1535 ft. However, it is £4 cheaper than the other options – so it might be worth opting for. You’ll also receive a medal for finishing, so make sure you choose a route which you can definitely finish!

For this cycle route, you’ll be following the North Downs. This is a very beautiful route and you’ll be able to see the Devil’s Punch Bowl on your route too. However, don’t participate if you can’t handle the hills and the bumpy ride in Surrey and Hampshire.

If any Birmingham locals are going to be at this event, then please get in touch! We would love to hear from  you as the Birmingham Cycling Club will be riding together. You’ll be able to warm up with us to make sure we’re all ready for the long ride and then we’ll face the route! The route is mainly downhill before we reach any peaks, but don’t worry, there are lots of places in which you can stop for a cuppa and something to eat! Cycling together is certainly one of the main reasons for joining up with a cycling club – you’ll never be bored with other cyclists at your side.

However, do bear in mind that this route is shorter than many of the others which you might have undertaken over the past few weeks. This is, of course, due to the season, but if you have one more ride in you then make the most of it as it could be the last great ride in good weather for some time!

There will be both a medical and mechanical team on site so you shouldn’t worry about packing your own kit – although we always recommend being prepared. You may also want to make sure you have your tyres pumped and the right gear ready! After the event you will receive both a medical but also an online certificate so you can remember the event for years to come!

The event will be held at: Dunsfold Aerodrome, Stovolds Hill, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8TB Head over to the UK Cycling Events page now to buy your ticket.