The 2000/2001 club runs
A small report on a 25 I did in 1999

The 1999/2000 Winter club run series
10/10/99 17/10/99 24/10/99 31/10/99
10/12/99 17/12/99 9/1/2000 16/1/2000
23/1/2000 A run 23/1/2000 B run 30/1/2000 13/2/2000
20/2/2000 27/2/2000
There are some quite delightful photos (old and scanned) of our Christmas and Awards meal. And some more of our Hill Climb a few years ago
For the last few years the club has organised a winter Training Camp in Majorca. Here’s how it was arranged and what you should consider if you are looking to arrange one for your club:-
Majorca Training Camp – The 2001 Handcuff Tour
The 2000 edition
How one of our riders (Me) found it in 1999.
How Richard Organised it 1998

Here is a brief article written by myself for our club magazine, On The Rivet, describing how I got to know the club and my cycling activities so far:-
A New Members Perspective
And now the follow up on what I actually achieved this year and in general events in the club. My Year in Review
A number of our members have the misfortune to be Chartered Surveyors (or Estate Agents to you and I). Here are two tributes to their profession:-
Estate Agent Corner (1)
Estate Agent Corner (2)
A couple of articles (in text form I’m afraid) showing how sad we cyclists really are:-
You know you are a cyclist when…
Man vs Woman vs Bike