Although we don’t often update our main page, we are very interested in speaking to any interested cyclists. The Birmingham Cycling Club always has time to talk. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. All you need to do is check out the table down below with the large list of our members – from president to webmaster – we encourage you to get in touch whether you have a cycling story, tip or photo.

However, please make sure you’re contacting the right person for your inquiry. There is little more irritating than the president being bombarded with messages meant for the treasurer, as you’d expect!

Do you have a favourite cycling event that you’re soon attending? Is there anything you’d like to share with us, please don’t hesitate to get involved. However, remember that club members communicate predominantly on our own private e-club, which means you won’t be hearing much from our team but they are definitely there no less! You can very become one of them.

Do you have a passion for cycling and do you live in Birmingham? Then you’re the perfect candidate to join in with the Birmingham cycling club. If you’re an avid cyclist, you’ve likely already met many of the people who are part of this club as the group is tight, yet growing every single day! The more cyclists we can communicate with, the larger we can grow this group and the more rights cyclists will have on the road!

So, please do get in touch whether you simply want to join the group, have something to share or are looking for others to cycle with, there is no reason why messaging us isn’t within your interests! If you are also arranging a cycling event in Birmingham or the surrounding area, please let us know so we can send more cyclists your way too.