If you dont want to spend your week sitting on your bum while playing the Leprechaun Goes to Hell Slot game, then why not start training and book your online tickets for the Wiggle Devils Punch Sportive. Both have rather ridiculous names, so whats stopping you?

This event with take place at the beginning of next month, so get a wriggle on and start your training as soon as possible. In fact, the actual date is: Saturday 4th November 2017.

Whats so special about the Wiggle Devils Punch Sportive? Well, youll be able to choose from a range of different courses. The longest option is 78 miles and 4744 ft. However, this will cost you just 30 to choose from – that is if you buy it from the UK Cycling Events website which we certainly recommend that you do!

The next option, after the Epic choice, is the Standard option. Many of those from the Birmingham Cycling Club will be going for this option as it is more accessible for those who arent able to cycle everywhere or train every day! This option is the same price, however, the course is slightly different and is 54 miles and 3287 ft. The price of just 30 is certainly a great offer, however, so make sure you snap it up on the Cycling Events site!

For those who are worried that the Standard option is too long, go for the short option instead. For this, youll be riding 28 miles and 1535 ft. However, it is 4 cheaper than the other options – so it might be worth opting for. Youll also receive a medal for finishing, so make sure you choose a route which you can definitely finish!

For this cycle route, youll be following the North Downs. This is a very beautiful route and youll be able to see the Devils Punch Bowl on your route too. However, dont participate if you cant handle the hills and the bumpy ride in Surrey and Hampshire.

If any Birmingham locals are going to be at this event, then please get in touch! We would love to hear from you as the Birmingham Cycling Club will be riding together. Youll be able to warm up with us to make sure were all ready for the long ride and then well face the route! The route is mainly downhill before we reach any peaks, but dont worry, there are lots of places in which you can stop for a cuppa and something to eat! Cycling together is certainly one of the main reasons for joining up with a cycling club – youll never be bored with other cyclists at your side.

However, do bear in mind that this route is shorter than many of the others which you might have undertaken over the past few weeks. This is, of course, due to the season, but if you have one more ride in you then make the most of it as it could be the last great ride in good weather for some time!

There will be both a medical and mechanical team on site so you shouldnt worry about packing your own kit – although we always recommend being prepared. You may also want to make sure you have your tyres pumped and the right gear ready! After the event you will receive both a medical but also an online certificate so you can remember the event for years to come!

The event will be held at: Dunsfold Aerodrome, Stovolds Hill, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8TB Head over to the UK Cycling Events page now to buy your ticket.